5 Bedroom Home Rowelstown, Swords

In this stunning newly built detached family home in North county Dublin, modern sophistication meets comfort and functionality. This home has been thoughtfully curated to create a space that is both stylish and inviting, catering to the needs of a contemporary family.

Entering the open plan kitchen, living and dining room, you are greeted by an abundance of natural light that gracefully filters through the sheer neutral curtains. The pale oak flooring provides a seamless flow throughout the entire home. In the heart of this area lies a sleek handleless kitchen with a large island spanning the width of the space. A seating area with cosy window seat and stylish armchairs exudes comfort and elegance. The rich wood dining table with brass inlays is surrounded by luxurious dining chairs. Their coral pleated velvet upholstery effortlessly complements the sophisticated navy and burnt orange colour palette that defines this interior.

In the living spaces, modern sofas in soft tactile taupe tones invite you to sink in and unwind. Here, bespoke joinery takes center stage, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics. A custom-designed TV unit and navy cabinets with delicate ribbed detailing provide ample storage space, cleverly organising everyday necessities while showcasing cherished family mementos and decor pieces.

The colour palette of navy and orange infuses the home with personality and warmth. Brushed brass accents in the lighting fixtures and decor pieces add a touch of glamour and sophistication. Navy acts as a timeless base, offering a sense of tranquility, while the orange accents add a vibrant energy to enliven the space. This bold combination is expertly balanced, creating an atmosphere that feels modern, welcoming, and family-friendly.

Throughout the home, carefully curated accessories and striking artwork contribute to the overall design aesthetic. Pops of colour are strategically placed, tying all the elements together in harmony.

This newly built family home is a testament to the power of modern furnishings, bespoke joinery, and a carefully chosen colour scheme in creating a sophisticated and comfortable living space. Each space seamlessly flows into the next, creating an inviting haven for family gatherings and making cherished memories. Here, contemporary design meets the practicality and warmth required for a growing family, resulting in a dream home that perfectly balances style and functionality.